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Free Transfer Schedule and More

By Frelorn

Free Transfer Schedule

We will be offering Free transfers between remaining worlds following the below schedule.

•             Dec 7th- Jan 3rd: Arkenstone & Gwaihir

•             Jan 4th- 10th: Landroval & Belegaer

•             Jan 11th- 17th: Crickhollow & Sirannon

•             Jan 18th- Jan 24th: Gladden & Laurelin

•             Jan 25th- Feb 29th: Brandywine & Evernight

•             March 1st- 31st: Arkenstone & Gwaihir

•             April 1st - May 1st: Landroval & Belegaer

•             May 2nd- May 31st: Crickhollow & Sirannon

•             June 1st- 30th: Gladden & Laurelin


Please note that transfers off of closing worlds will remain free permanently regardless of schedule.

All Closing worlds will no longer be available for play on April 4th 2016. Characters will remain available for transfer to an open world.

Free Transfer Tokens

On December 22nd, we added 3 Character transfer tokens to every account and enabled the ability to use these to go between any of the ten remaining worlds. Transfers are 1 token per character so you can use these to move your main characters while you wait for a free window for your world or hold on to them for a later time in case you decide to try out a different world.

Currently the 3 tokens we have granted or any that you may have purchased prior are the only ones available. We will offer a way to purchase more in the New Year.

We hope this helps those of you who may have made a mistake in your transfer choice or simply want a change of pace without waiting for free transfer windows.


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