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Announcing the Kingsfoil Championship League

By Sapience

Michel Delving, Shire April 1 – Mayor Will Whitfoot unveiled plans today for Middle-earth’s first major sports league, the Kingsfoil Championship league.  The league will bring together teams from as far away Dunland and possibly beyond, though Mayor Whitfoot did acknowledge events in the east were a source of concern for some teams and their ability to travel at this time.


In describing the sport Mayor Whitfoot explained players would be challenged to score points by driving a chicken between two goal posts using a stick. It would be up to players how best to accomplish this.  When asked if this was fair to the chicken, he declined to comment.

“It’s an old game that fell out of favor just around the time it was about to take off. Since then it’s been played casually  in the streets and back alleys. We thought it was time to bring it back and give it the attention it deserves,” said the Mayor.

Also involved in the formation of the league is Bree-town Mayor Graeme Tenderlach. Mayor Tenderlach described the league as, “a first of its kind ‘cSport’ featuring fast paced action and some of the hardest hitting seen outside of the Ettenmoors. People are really going to see some feathers, and chickens, FLY!”

When asked about teams from the Ettenmoors and surrounding areas being excluded from applying for the league Mayor Tenderlach replied, “A few years back we tried to start up a different type of cSport in that region, but mostly they just kept eating the Chickens. Then they started trying to eat the other teams. It was a disaster. We don’t think it’s a good fit right now.”

Mayor Tenderlach also announced plans for a new stadium to be constructed near the existing Bree Festival area. The project has been awarded to the Thornley Construction Company and is expected to bring many new jobs to the area.

“I foresee that these jobs will remain for many, many, many years to come. Honestly, it feels like we might not ever finish,” according to a Foreman for the company.

The league has partnered with Sandson’s Farms to be the official supplier of sports ‘equipment’ for the new league. A spokesperson for the farm commented, “We’re honored to have been selected as the official supplier of Chickens for the league. We believe our chickens are the healthiest and best raised in all of Eriador and will put on a great show!”  Sandson’s Farms has also announced they’ll be hosting an all you can eat “Wings and Things cookout” after each match.


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