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Kinship Transfer Guide

By Frelorn

Do you have a Kinship on one of the Closing Worlds? If so, then this guide is for you.

Step 1 Choose:

Look over the list or remaining worlds, choose the world that is right for your Kinship, and choose a date for your Kinship to move. If your members want to remain in the Kinship without having to join again they, should wait until after the Kinship leader moves before transferring to the new world. You will have until the end of 2015 to make this move, so don’t feel rushed!

Step 2 Communicate:

Message out to the players in your Kinship the destination world and the day the Kinship leader will move in every way you can. Message of The Day, In-game mail, forums, and your own personal website and personal emails, if you have them. In-game mail will remain for 6 months on the Closing Worlds so if players return after the Kinship has moved but before the worlds close at the start of 2016, they will have your in-game mail to tell them where to follow.

Step 3: Kin leader Moves:

The Kin leader should move to the world of choice on the day selected. When you do this, the Kinship on the original world will be disbanded and the information about that Kinship will travel with the leader, including establishment date, rank, members, housing information, and items not bound to other characters. When the Kinship leader logs into the new world the Kinship will be recreated on that world. If there is a name conflict, a -1 will be added to the Kinship name, and you will need to contact Customer Support for a name change. All prepaid Kinship housing cost will be granted to the character and all unbound items that were in the house will be found in housing escrow of the Kinship leader. All bound items that were in the Kinship house will be returned to the owner of those items in the owner’s Escrow Account. In the case of bound items in which the owner no longer exists on the original world, those items will be deleted.

Step 4 Kinship Members Move:

Now that the Kinship leader is on the new world and the Kinship is re-established, it is now safe for all the other members to follow at their own pace. They will automatically be added back into the kin as they appear on the destination world.


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