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Exploring The World

The World: Your dream of journeying through Middle-earth™ has arrived! 

Tell your story in Tolkien’s most loved series, brought to life in a massive online universe! Every adventure is handcrafted by our lore experts and enthusiasts, whose mission is to bring authenticity and imagination to your heroic journey. The world of Lord of the Rings Online spans from The Shire to the very pits of Mount Doom, with adventure around every corner!
Among the locations to explore are Enedwaith, Mirkwood, Dunland, Great River, Eastern Rohan, Ered Luin, Bree-land, North Downs, Lone-Lands, Trollshaws, Evendim, Dale, The Misty Mountains, Forochel, Angmar, Moria, Eregion, Lothlórien, Gorgoroth, Erebor, Lake-town and more. The world continues to grow with every update! Experience quest series like The Scent of Mithril™ that take you deeper into the heart of the story. Enjoy new quests regularly, so the adventure never has to stop! 
From high-energy battles to quiet locations of respite, from the lands of dwarves and elves to the hobbit-holes and cities of men, Lord of the Rings Online has an ever-growing map of Middle-earth!
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