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FAQ: Hobbit Presents

What are Hobbit Presents?

We wanted to reward dedicated LOTRO players, so Hobbit Presents are free daily and weekly rewards that you receive by logging into LOTRO on a daily basis. 

Do all players receive a free daily Hobbit Present?

Yes, all players will receive a free daily Silver Hobbit Present. In addition, VIP players will also receive one free weekly Gold Hobbit Present.  Gold presents have an increased chance of dropping rare items!

How often do I receive free Hobbit Presents?

Every account receives one free silver present every 24 hours. If you skip logging in for one or more days, your free Hobbit Presents do not carry over.

How do I claim my Hobbit Present? 

Upon logging into LOTRO there will be an alert icon that notifies you when a Present is ready to claim.

Clicking on this alert icon will open the Hobbit Gifts panel.
Hobbit presents come in two categories: silver and gold.
Gold presents have a higher chance to drop rare items.

Can I open more than one Hobbit Present per day or week?

Yes, Mithril Coins can be spent to open additional Hobbit Presents.


What types of rewards can I receive?

Hobbit Presents contain a wide variety of rewards, like equipment, buffs, gold, Mithril Coins, and more. When equipment is generated, it will take into account your character's class and level, and the rarest drops include legendary-tier equipment.




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