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The LOTRO Beacon: Issue #19

By Cordovan

Community Spotlights

Weatherstock takes place on Saturday! You can find the concerts on our Twitch channel LOTROstream! Click here for more information about this massive concert on Landroval, and check out the schedule here:

Composer Chance Thomas discusses making music for Mordor and more in a pair of recent interviews! Click here for an interview with National Public Radio, and click here for an interview with Sci-Fi Bulletin! 

Falsey has created a beautiful video of the sights and sounds of Lord of the Rings Online! Click here to experience it.

LOTRO Academy wraps up their discussion of Epic Book 1! Click here to check it out!

Bartigen Musen hold a weekly concert on Belegaer at the Prancing Pony Stage! Click here for more information!

Gamut Dorok says goodbye to the Ice Block in our recently-ended Summer Festival. Click here for funny!

Adventures After Dark is one of LOTROstream's longest-running shows! Click here to support Big Ed's broadcast.

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email contact@standingstonegames.com
with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

Kin Hall

Fire and Death is a Rank 10 Kinship on Evernight that likes to play unusual games like Sideways Horse Racing and Riddle Hide-and-Seek! If you are looking for a fun guild that likes to laugh, click here to check out their web site.

Email contact@standingstonegames.com with the subject line "KIN HALL" to get your Kin featured

If a movie were made of your main character's life, what would the film be called?

Comment on the LOTRO Forums here and you could win LOTRO Points!

Fansite News

LOTRO Players News never forgets old whats-his-name in their latest episode. Click here to hear it!

PC Games Girl checks out the High Elf on Bullroarer! Click here for her video.

Stefalla has the latest on PvMP coming in Update 21! Click here for his thoughts.

Andang previews the new Allegiance system! Click here for Erebor and more.

Lina ponders the wisdom of band uniforms in a new blog post! Click here to check it out.

Thomas Huayra has a guide to the Eyes & Guard Tavern on Bullroarer! Click here for a great guide.

Louey7 continues his questing on the Warden in a new video. Click here to watch it!

Balthelion has a LOTRO Secret about The Horse & The Rider! Click here to learn more.

Cavalier Cavalry celebrates Morning in Middle-earth on LOTROstream! Click here for a recent show.

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Mordor is now available to pre-purchase! Click here to find out more!
  • We have created a FAQ about Update 21 to answer your questions here! Check back periodically for updates to the FAQ.
  • FriendlyHat discusses Mordor Crafting in a new Dev Diary! Click here to get it!
  • We're continuing to preview Mordor on Bullroarer. Click here to be a part of it!

Screenshot of the Week!

Lilian over on Facebook shared this fun screenshot with us of her character and her friends! Click here, give us a Like on Facebook, and show us your favorite screenshot!

In the News!

  • LOTRO Bonus Days bring you a +25% Crafting Boost, now through July 23rd!
  • Go There, and Back Again! Get 20% off:
    • Milestone Skills
    • Hurried Traveller and Returning Traveller
    • Advanced Riding Traits
    • Rally Horns
    • Now through July 27th!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free +5 Hope Boost (90 Minutes) x1 with the Coupon Code MORHOPE, now through July 27th!


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