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The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 210

By Cordovan


Community Spotlights

LilRedHead has created a quick guide for the Midsummer Festival! Read it over on the Life Beyond the Shire blog!

Fibro Jedi ha a new update to his Midsummer Festival Guide! Read a guide for the Banquet Quests over on the Fibro Jedi blog.

All of the housing items available in the Midsummer Festival can be seen and learned about over on the Deco du Milieu blog! See the new stuff or find the old stuff on the blog!

B4 is the newest streamer on LOTROstream and is creating a show focused on Plugins! Get an overview and get started by watching his first show!

To nominate something for a Community Spotlight, email contact@standingstonegames.com
with the subject line "COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT"

Kin Hall

The Sleeping Gatherers are a Gladden-based kinship hosting a grab bag event around the Midsummer Festival this Saturday starting at 7pm Eastern (-4 GMT!) Read more about it on their Discord: https://discord.gg/N7hyrWc

Email contact@standingstonegames.com with the subject line "KIN HALL" to get your Kin featured

You step outside your front door and see a hole in the ground that was not there before. What do you do?

Comment on the LOTRO Forums here and you could win LOTRO Points!

Fansite News

Squirle has written a quest guide for Update 30: Blood of Azog! Figure out where to go and what to do over on the LOTRO Players web site

Doda heads to Rivendell! Watch this German-language YouTube video and check out his new video short as well while you are there!

LOTROstream is your first stop to find LOTRO on Twitch! This week Lady Fae runs by the book, MichaelDK2 runs far and wide, and Redberen runs Midsummer!

Also on Twitch, AdieleValathorn celebrates 500 followers, Zogog leaves Moria, and Stine gets stuff done!

Over on YouTube, Eldergamer Girl heads to the market, Louey7 celebrates Midsummer, and Tayo Fleetfoot heads into the Bloody Threshold! 

Let's Talk Shop!

  • The Shadowfax and Treebeard servers debut on June 30th! Expect more information next week.
  • We are shifting the start date for Tiers 4 and 5 of the Update 30 raid The Fall of Khazad-dûm. Tier 4 will now be available starting at Noon Eastern on July 1st, and Tier 5 will be available starting at Noon Eastern on July 15th.
  • Looking to know when an event happens in LOTRO? Bookmark our LOTRO Events Schedule over on the LOTRO Forums!
  • Cordovan runs Midsummer and has the latest news in the latest +Cord of the Rings! Find the video over on Twitch.

Screenshot of the Week!

Divs plays a sweet melody as the lanterns for those who have sailed to the West passes in this week's Screenshot of the Week! Submit your screenshot for submission by emailing it to lotro@standingstonegames.com.

In the News!

  • The Midsummer Festival has been extended through July 11th!
  • Double Bonus Points is back! Get twice the Bonus Points in the LOTRO Store, now through July 5th!
  • Follow in Frodo's Footsteps! Get 20% off:
    • Quest Packs
    • The 100% XP Boosts
    • Mithril Coins
    • Maximum Morale and Power Scrolls
    • Now through July 1st!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free 10% Run Speed Boost x5 with the Coupon Code SPEEDALONG, now through July 1st!


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