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Update 10 - Seals and Medallion Conversion

Update 10 - Seals and Medallion Conversion

By: Jonathan "RockX" Steady

Hello all, RockX here!

Today I’ll be talking about the Seal conversion we’re performing with Update 10. Before I get into the details, allow me to shed some light on the reasoning.

There are two main methods in which we can handle new tiers of content, like raid sets. We can either A) Add a new token for every single tier of content, similarly to what we did with Medallions of Moria, Medallions of Dol Guldur, etc. or B) Use a unified currency system, similarly to what we do now with Marks, Medallions and Seals. While each of these methods has their advantages and drawbacks, we made the choice with the Rise of Isengard expansion to begin using the unified currency system.

In order for a unified currency system to work, we could A) Have a cap on the top-tier currency, B) Have enormous inflation on costs or C) Convert the top-tier currency into the next step down on introducing new content. We feel the best option of the three is to convert the top-tier currency down whenever a new tier of content is introduced. It keeps prices of items manageable while still ensuring you’re not arbitrarily hitting a cap and losing out on your rewards. At the same time, this makes sure players are not immediately able to purchase the new best and brightest gear just based off the fact they spent time doing the older, easier content.

When Update 10 arrives, each Seal your characters currently have will be converted into 20 Medallions, compared to the 2 Medallions per Seal you can trade them in for at a Skirmish Camp. Any items which were barter-able for Seals pre-Update 10 will either be converted to Medallion costs or have a Medallion-only barter option added. By doing this, we not only protect and require investment to acquire the new raid sets, but we still give you the ability to get the equipment and items you could have previously purchased. Players will still be able to obtain Seals from running level 85 content and will be able to use the newly acquired seals to get newly added items, such as the raid sets we’re adding for Update 10.


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