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Update 16: Ashes of Osgiliath - Now Available

By QuartermasterU

Now Available

Your legend is known! Your task is clear! Journey through three new regions and explore three new instances in order to help keep the army of the Witch-king at bay. Forge your Legendary Weapon to make it more powerful in LOTRO's new LI Imbuement system. The Epic Story continues in our newest update: Ashes of Osgiliath.

* Three New Instances

* Introducing the Imbuement System

* Three New Regions

* Over 100 Quests

East Gondor: locked and under siege

Red fires burn in the east. Black clouds wrack the sky. The Enemy is moving, mustering at the very doorstep of Gondor. But still hope remains: the ships that raided Pelargir now lie in the hands of Aragorn, who seeks to sail north and reclaim the lands of men. With the Witch-king's army preparing to besiege Minas Tirith, you must keep the forces of darkness from learning of Aragorn's plan and seek allies and information to help defend Middle-earth from the foul legions of Sauron.

The New Regions

Upper Lebennin

Defend refugees from Minas Tirith who have taken shelter from the encroaching army. Can you protect them from the forces of Mordor while still keeping Aragorn's approach a secret from Sauron and his spies?


Clear the land closest to the Rammas, the massive wall that surrounds Minas Tirith. Tensions run high with the impending siege and those who remain call for aid from any who would give it.

South Ithilien

Join the resistance! Rangers hold their ground with little to show for it, save a rising death toll and dwindling resources. Aid them in slowing and thinning the ranks of the enemy who cross the borders ahead of Sauron's army.


Fight to keep the enemy at bay! The East bank has been sacked and the city is overrun. Hold the line against the forces of the Witch-king in hope that the aid from Pelargir does not come too late.

Update 16: Ashes of Osgiliath can be unlocked in the store with the offer Quest Pack: East Gondor, which is free to VIPs.
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New Instances

The Sunken Labyrinth - Fight for survival beneath Osgiliath. Rangers who fled the invading army above have discovered that the Morgulduin's fouled currents wash many things from the ruins above. Cleanse the depths belowed the ruin city if you hope to emerge alive.

The Ruined City - Uncover a mysterious stranger dressed in Faramir's tattered cloak. This unknown man seems to stay just steps ahead of you at every turn. Is he your missing friend, or something else?

The Dome of Stars - Infiltrate the heart of Osgiliath and ascend the largest tower in the ruined city where you must confront one of the Nazgul in the heart of his army's power.

Imbuement System

Sting, Andúril, Glamdring - Every hero has their weapon. Name yours and have it advance with you in the new Imbuement System. Read more about how the process works, which legacies are available, and more in our latest Developer Diary.

New to the Store

Learn more about the new items in the LOTRO Store for Update 16.



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