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Black Friday Holiday Sales Information


The BLACK FRIDAY SALE for Lord of the Rings Online has arrived!

NOW through November 26th get 50% off ALL Mordor expansions in the LOTRO Market!

In the LOTRO Store find 75% off Mines of Moria, 50% off Crafting XP, 35% off High Elf

and Double Bonus Points!


FOR A LIMITED TIME - Now through November 26th in the LOTRO Store:

Bombur's Bounty - Includes skill, slayer, and reputation boosts, Mithril Coins

Keepsakes of the Grey Mountains bundle

Weapons of the Depths cosmetic weapons


Make Your Piece of Middle-earth Shine!

NOW through November 29th get 30% OFF:

Select Housing Decorations, Sets, and Writs

Select Cloaks and more!



Black Steel Keys x10


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